CADASIL resource

Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with silent infarcts and lacunar strokes is a blood vessel disorder that runs in families and leads to migraines in early life and stroke and dementia in later life. 

Here is an online resource which we feel is reliable and we recommend to our patients and their families.
CADASIL can be diagnosed in a number of ways.  The most common way to make the diagnosis is with a clinical history, exam and MRI of the brain in a family where CADASIL is common.  In families that have never had someone diagnosed before, the addition of genetic testing and/or a skin biopsy is usually obtained.  Genetic testing looks for a mutation in a gene called NOTCH3 and the skin biopsy will show tell-tale dark spots in the connective tissue of blood vessels when viewed under electron microscopy.  Both of these tests are highly reliable.  When one parent is diagnosed with CADASIL, the odds of transmitting it to offspring is usually about 50%.